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Im Yong Soo
United States
Sun tan chuck ha means Merry Christmas if you're behind on modern Korean!
But Christmas really isn't a big deal here, you westerners seem all pumped, I just wanted to join in.
NEW YEARS is the real deal! Seollal (That's New Years, pay attention!) takes place on Febuary 14th this year, you know! There's only 33 days left until then, you know?! Have you ironed your Hanbok?! Do you have the Tteokguk ingredients ready?!

And, uhm... [His face drops a little into a seemingly sincere look of vunerability.] ... I don't have a parent, so who's going to give me my deokdam? You could be a little sensitive to my fragile past! ['Seemingly' being the keyword.]

. . . So you'll at least play Yutnori with me, right?
[He means Parcheesi.]

. . . Or  Jegi Chagi!!
[That's just Hackey Sack.]


D'| Somebody, at least fly a kite with me!

(( Just thought I should update the ol' journal once in an equinox. ))
(( Also just feel like mentioning... failedforcontent <-- See it?! Asterik baby, yeah > 3 > ~ [cough] ))
  • Listening to: SUPER JUNIOR. ((*cough*ntrly.))

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I know my profile is awesome, but stop making love to your computer screen nao plz.
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Did I tell you that are AWESOME? >w<
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